Jason Hyde embraces innovation and sustainability. We use a collection of recycled materials. Our watches and jewelry are made with sophisticated blends of environmental and eco-friendly materials. All of them have been specially sourced from reputable and responsible suppliers that share our sustainable world mission.

Our materials have been upcycled to create Jason Hyde products, representing a spirit of sustainability and responsibility. These materials include Wool, Paper, Recycled Plastics and Cork.

Jason Hyde’s mission is to offer a new line of sustainable, sophisticated and organic watches. Our products enhance your style by upcycling various recycled materials that contribute to a more sustainable world.

We hope to encourage change by inviting those who care about our environment, and who choose to support preservation of our surroundings every day by wearing our pieces.

Jason Hyde is focused on mastering beautifully designed top-quality watches and jewelry that speak to your lifestyle. Our collection proves how an elegant piece can be sustainable. Our core values of simplicity, sustainability, and care for the planet invite us to use our world’s waste and have transformed our vision into brand-new fashionable accessories.

  • Clean Earth and Oceans
  • Sustainable Products and Fashion
  • Simplicity and elegance
  • Product quality
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Quality of life
  • Better and thriving environment
  • Responsible citizens