Recycled Plastic (PET)

Jason Hyde REVIVE 1 Strap Fabric designed by Georgina Wright with Recycled Plastic (PET)

The Revive 1 Strap is made of recycled PET filaments. By means of a mechanical recycling process, we’re repurposing plastics that would otherwise be disposed of.

Recycled PET is a closed-loop recycling solution that allows for plastic to be used over again.  Simply put, our philosophy is to provide you with a quality and exceptionally designed product that is both responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Our strap has been beautifully designed by British textile designer Georgina Wright.  Her designs encompass color, texture and a desire to make beautiful products that are fit for purpose.   

Our PET filaments are sourced from the Radici Group, an Italian company focused on converting plastic into recycled PET.  They strongly uphold a 360° sustainability perspective. Besides being sustainable in their business operations, they promote environmental protections and social equity.

A Danish company, Kvadrat, assembles these materials into the beautiful strap that is the Revive 1 Strap.  Since 1968, Kvadrat has had a strong focus on minimizing their environmental impact. Additionally, they’ve secured certifications that adhere to European quality and environmental standards.  All of these important reasons are why we love our Revive 1 Strap and know you will too.