Jason Hyde


Imagine taking care of our earth like we take  care of our homes, which if you think about it, ends up being the same thing.

            Sweeping our floors daily, leaving our things exactly as we found it, making sure not to leave things on the floor behind, daily home-tasks that allow us to have a clean and safe environment, but it all stops when we leave our four walls?

One place to start, Beach cleanups, a small act but a gigantic step towards our future. Every piece of trash that is collected is a piece of litter that will not end up on our oceans or on the inside of the living organisms in it. Beach cleanups also facilitate the spreading of environmental awareness and provide tools that allow for a greater understanding of the issues at hand and encourage change and hope for a greener future.

Joining beach cleanups is as simple as joining girls night, simply look online and commit to a better and greener future for you and our earth. If you are from Miami, like we are, you can come join Clean Miami Beach at any of their events, especially the next one coming up, September 6th,  as we will be there!

It is a feel good event in every aspect, starting with a heart opening Yoga class, followed by a cleaning of our precious Miami beach and finishing off with a Sustainable Mezcal tasting to loosen up the stress from seeing all the mess we really do leave behind when we go have our fun..

Be more conscious, be more knowledgeable, be more aware of the damage you cause to your greatest home, earth.

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