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Surf the wave and do it yourself

So, if you’re like us… you’re probably still being careful and wearing your mask when you go out. That’s why this week comes with another amazing DIY idea! (and I’m not saying it’s amazing just because I’m writing this post, but because it involves some Upcycling). You do remember what upcycling is, right? If not google says: verb, reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

Now that that’s out of the way… back to the idea! I’m sure that during quarantine aside from baking, working out, Netflix binging, eating and sleeping, you also stepped up your beauty care routine (which reminds me of our post with natural ingredients in case you still haven’t seen it). Cutting to the chase, you are now probably left with tons of cream or shampoo containers that you don’t want to throw away. Then don’t! Because you can give them new life by reusing them for simple and pretty house hacks.

Let’s begin with my favorite: Candle jar, that’s right you read it! This one can go both ways depending on how lazy you are! You can either get a candle and fit it into the jar you want to turn OR you can make your own by getting some candle wax, a few scents like lavander or coconut and a wick! Put the wick inside the jar, cover it with melted wax, stir in some scents and let it dry! Voila! Home-made candle to surprise your mom – which is basically the only person we are allowing into our house right now – but yeah, feeling accomplished yet? If your answer was no… then let’s try turning an empty shampoo bottle into a DYI deep irrigation system for your home plants. This sounds very complicated and something that will make you sound smart. But in reality, it’s pretty easy! You’ll need a plant in a flower pot, the shampoo bottle, some string and a foldable straw-like stick! Remove the tap from your shampoo bottle and remove it, then fill the bottle with water, insert the stick into the pot  and the other end into the bottle, and you’re DONE! Best of all, it’s a practical step to avoid wasting water (talk about sustainability!).

Last but not least, you can use your facial cream containers for storage. It sounds weird but hear us out: Take a long wooden board and screw the covers, starting with the middle one and placing them symmetrically (you can paint them with your favorite colors to make them cuter),

use nails to fix a shorter wooden board at each end, and pin the longer board to form a rectangle. Now, just fill your little accessory containers and screw them into their lid! I love keeping bobby pins, hair ties, bands, my Jason Hyde RPO earring and bracelets, among other small stuff that I don’t want to lose!

And there you have it! # DIY ideas to kill some time while thinking if going out its worth it! I guess there’s no TIME to waste when you’re being productive at home! If you have more ideas like this, please share them in our comment section! We love reading you guys!

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