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Plastic fisherman

In our last entry we talked about our beautiful and impactful Plastic Aquarium. Today, we bring you one of the masterminds behind it. Plastic Fisherman, the mind behind the movement.

Rodrigo Butori is originally from Brazil and a marketing mastermind he calls the oven his home; and I think anyone that grew up near the water thinks the same. And honestly, it’s because there’s something magical about it.

Rodrigo shares how this started as a passion project but slowly became a huge part of his life. There is something about protecting where you come from that has the power of uniting us all. He moved to LA to be close to the water and work in marketing. Surf was always a big part of his life, one that allowed him to travel and discover new places. But there is also diving in his watery side of life, which is how he arrives to Miami and decided to make it home for now. Being the marketing mastermind he is, Rodrigo woke up one day and decided it was time to use his powers for good! And I mean, it was about time…!

Now you may be thinking what is special about what he does… Well, what started as a way of taking care of the ocean turned into a movement. Plastic Fisherman started just as a way of giving back, like he says. Picking up 5 pieces of plastic on every trip to the beach/ocean and making it into a fish. He then snaps a picture of it (you know like every other artist) and throws it away. Also, what you should do with you know, trash! You can also buy this fish or some of his merch to support the cause. Since this is a personal cause it has been all funded by him and all the profits go into more ways of helping. But you can find hundreds of pictures of the fish he makes, or other people make while cleaning the beaches and the ocean. But what else can you expect from a marketing wiz?



Studies say that by 2050 (only 30 years away) there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. That’s crazy!!!  Can you imagine? If we tell single people that there plenty of fish in the sea as a way of expressing big quantities… can you imagine the amount of plastic there will be in the ocean for them to have more than fish? Well, if we don’t do something soon that’s our future, and as people that grew up in the ocean we can’t let that happen. We would love to have our kids experience, enjoy and love sea life as much as we do.

The change is in you. Start today, join the movement! If you don’t know how to make fish from plastic, it’s ok (everyone starts somewhere) but picking up trash is something anyone can do at any time. Come on! There’s no TIME to waste when we are talking of saving the world!

For more information you can check our website or Plastic Fisherman’s. For more information on his journey see how you can help. Or even as a way of learning more about the ocean and it’s current situation you can listen to the full podcast here!



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