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Partnering with TIDE

Why did we partner with TIDE?

This is a question we get quite a lot. The answer is very simple. BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET.

TIDE is a company that uses its own granular material which is compounded with the help of solar energy – and made completely from plastic collected from the ocean and coastlines – all kinds of plastic, not just PET bottles.

Jason Hyde and TIDE don’t only believe in recycling, but Upcycling, which is a new concept that refers to creating new things out of waste, giving them a new use. This is why we are committed not only to cleaning the oceans, but also to reduce the amount of existing waste. Damaged has already been done and if we continue like this, we are still left with how things are, so by Upcycling you don’t only contribute to stop the waste generation but also to doing something out of it.

Now, here’s when the fun part begins! People tend to associate recycled with “ugly” or simple. But we see something beautiful in everything, taking care of the environment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your appearance or having bad taste in accessories, it means being more resourceful, this is how we came up with our jewelry line!

Inspired on the ocean, from the ocean. All of our pieces have a central “chip” that represents a precious stone, maintaining its luxurious look and fashionable wear.

Combining TIDE’s plastic material with noble materials like Silver and recycled brass we’ve come up with great designs that make up for the perfect gift to show you care.

We love you to the ocean and back,

Jason Hyde

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