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We’ve already celebrated Mother’s Day this year and with Father’s Day on the near we can’t ignore nature’s counterpart of our father figures: the Sun. In various cultures the Sun is a symbol of fatherhood and in educational practices that follow natural rhythms, the Sun plays an important part. 

Different from earth’s elements, there’s not much we can do to “protect” the sun since it’s literally out of space. But we can protect ourselves from the sun, while soaking on the benefits of that good vitamin D.

Any doctor and health practitioner can tell you, there is nothing like natural, bioavailable vitamin D. No supplement can equal it, so the important thing is how to acquire it without being harmed by those UV rays your mother warned you about.

If you grew up in the ninetys that meant covering yourself white in sunscreen, but the latest research shows how detrimental most sunscreens are for your health and also, the planet.

So, here’s how you can celebrate Father’s Day out and about in the sun, without getting burnt.

First things first, all good things come to those who wake up early (right?). Dad doesn’t need breakfast in bed if you’re looking to spend a family day, so go outside in the early hours and enjoy the sun while the UVs are still waking up. Conscious sun exposure also builds up your skin so you get that tan nice and easy without turning into a shrimp. If you are going on a beach day or practicing activities that require you to be in the sun between noon and three in the afternoon, sun protective gear like long sleeve rash guard shirts and hats are a good idea. 

And finally for prolonged sun exposure, you can find ecofriendly and toxic free sunscreen, just look for brands that have the “reef safe” stamp and don’t contain ingredients like oxybenzone,

octinoxate, among others (these minerals are harmful for coral reefs). The other thing sunscreens have been on the sport recently is for having ingredients that may be carcinogen, rendering them as equally dangerous as the thing they’re trying to protect you from. Recently many brands have tested positive for benzene, a known carcinogen, so it’d be a good idea to be on the lookout for cleaner brands. The EWG is a good resource for clean products overall.

And now that you know all this, waste no time, and let all of your family members in on the scoop so you all spend the upcoming Father’s Day enjoying under the sun, without remorse.

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