Since the beginning of time, this fascinating, greatly feared and misunderstood species, has been around; Sharks, let’s get to know them.

 Sharks have roamed the oceans of the earth long before  trees were even a thing. They are one of the only animals to have survived all 5 massive extinctions. Although feared by many, it’s a fear that’s been inspired by mostly films. While sharks are not found to be a true threat to humans, cows are found to be quite dangerous, but bovinophobia, the fear of cattle, is not quite as common.

Not only are sharks one of the oldest and most fascinating species on earth, they are essential for the conservation of our reefs. They allow for smaller reef fish to take care of the corals by taking care of the bigger predators, and so on.

Like the rest of all wonderful species on earth, sharks have a place and a role to play.

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed yearly, this does not only affect them but all ecosystems around them as well. Shark killing competitions are a big part of this. They have been around for a long time, time which should be cut short, now.

On July 9th, 2022 a shark killing competition is scheduled to be held in Jupiter, Florida, which is home to many of the species.

By speaking out and taking action on this and all these events that partake in causing harm to other species for pure enjoyment, we not only  fight to protect the earth, the oceans, the animals, and us, we are fighting for the future generation’s earth too.

To help cancel July 9th, 2022 shark killing competition in Jupiter Florida.


One small step is still  a step.

It is time for a NEW BEGINNING

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