Jason Hyde

National recycling day

This Sunday November 15 we are celebrating National Recycling Day. Yes, there is a National Recycling Day, and why wouldn’t it? In the past months we have been talking about how the recent events changed world’s perspective, and our lifestyle.

This is small things with great effects that you can start doing from your home. Recycling has been around longer than we give it credit for. Archaeological studies have found that during periods when natural resources were scarce, waste dumps always showed less household waste, pointing to the belief that they were recycling and/or reusing products.

Actually, finding recycled or reusable resources has always been held as a “go to” conduct in human history. Even from the “dustmen” of Victorian era England, (you know the ones that went around and collecting coal fires to help with brick making), all the way to modern history, the wartime has always been a period of saving as much as you can and recycling since most resources in during this times go to… you guessed it, the war. Which means that citizens naturally need to find original ways of reusing the materials they have for whatever they need.

In the today world, we have seen nationalism being replaced with environmentalism and the urge to help preserve the little resources we do still have by reusing goods and reducing waste. Which means that if the pre-historic man could figure out how to recycle, your lazy boyfriend shouldn’t be far from even trying.

Hopefully this will be a trend that will catch on and stay. Even though environmentalism is trendy right now, we don’t want it to be a fad trend, but a habit. Taking care of the place we live, and the place we want to leave for next generations should be something important enough to pass on from fathers to sons and mothers to daughters. (or father to daughters but you get the point).

You might have noticed that we mentioned National Recycling Day, because there is a Worlds recycling day, but this never is enough, so we had to create a smaller “event” with the same concept to keep people interested. Just kidding, but really is because according to National Geographic; “Americans send 64 tons of waste to landfills during their lifetime. That’s 246 million tons of waste each year.” This is why National Recycling Day aims to encourage Americans to purchase recycled products and recycle more, either by respecting the rules from each community, all the way to looking for new ways to reuse what we already have.

So, this weekend change things up, see the gold in your waste, look for DIY online and see what you can do with things from your house. Sunday is normally the family day, so get everyone involved, even make it a challenge and offer prices! (it could be as good as a hug). You know we always say there is no TIME to waste, but seriously, there is not a better feeling than the one you get after creating something, try it!

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