Jason Hyde

Mother Nature’s Pride

We’re kicking off pride month this week, and as always, we want to bring your attention back to the environment and how each week (and we should also do this every day) we’re bringing awareness to keeping our planet cleaner than yesterday and that needs our conscious effort.

It’s easy to get lost in our day-by-day routines and forget about what’s important, and certainly the world is a darkest place today with everything that’s going on. So, we choose to celebrate pride in full bloom, accepting the good and the bad in society and using it only to empower, reconnect with nature and heal. So, for every color of the rainbow, we give you a tidbit on how to surround yourself with positivity.

  • Red: The color of passion, if you’ve been waiting for a sign to express how passionate you are about nature, this is it.
  • Orange: We went with passion for red, so use orange to reminisce on those summer bonfires, watching burning flames can be healing, too.
  • Yellow: If you did not think of sunshine before reading this, you might have a case of cabin fever. Get out in the sun because you’re basically a house plant with more complicated needs.
  • Green: This is the color of mother nature herself and a reminder for you to start those summer crops, winter will be around soon, and you’ll be happy to have your first home harvest!
  • Blue: No, we’re not talking about water. Yet, dipping in the ocean is the perfect way to kick off summer and feel refreshed.
  • Indigo: This color is believed to be sedating, and tearing the line between finite and infinite, where our earth stands, you can find some indigo crystals, cleanse them in salt water and use them for an aligning experience.
  • Violet: Known for igniting imagination, find this color in nature and get inspired with new ways to include eco-friendly practices to your life.

Remember, taking care of oneself, also helps taking care of the whole, the environment and the collective, and there’s no time wasted in doing so, only invested.

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