Jason Hyde

Make it sustainable, make it fashion

The fashion market is in constant change. There are big brands with big names, and then, there’s fast fashion. Fast Fashion is the contemporary term used by fashion retailers for designs that flow from the catwalk quickly, to capture current fashion trends and is usually cheap.

We believe in Sustainable fashion; this is a movement that carries the process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system, towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion is more than just addressing fashion textiles or products. But, sadly – and I hate to be the barrier of bad news…- there’s no such thing as being 100% sustainable when it comes to fashion and that’s mainly because washing clothes infuses nature with microfibers. It also takes a toll on the environment because of the amounts of water and electricity needed, and the fact that most laundry detergent are not eco-friendly.

So, after reading this, you must be like… so I’ll just won’t wear clothes and go out naked if I want to be sustainable? Well, pleased don’t do that! What you CAN do, is research before buying your next item.

There are tons of brands that are now supporting the sustainable way of making clothes, re using old fabrics, turning old pieces of clothes into new articles. There’s also the “ethical” side of fashion. This side teaches us not only to think about what we are wearing is made from, but HOW it was made (cue videos of children in labor factories at some basement) well… not trying to be a tabloid or anything but, it has happened. So, that’s also something you should consider when spending money on clothes/fashion.

Another good thing to remember is that fashion is not only clothes, fashion can be shoes and accessories too (you know, like sustainable watches and jewelry made from recycled and organic materials?) Right, so, that’s also something to take into account when choosing what (and who) to wear. 2020 has been a strange year, – to say the least- and in honor to that, we should all take a moment to consider what we’ve been doing up to today, and if we feel we can improve things on how we live our lives. Not only to be more “sustainable” but to be more wholesome.  Not everything is about what we have and what we own. Life is made by the choices we make every day. How we choose to treat ourselves, and others. And the best way to start change, is within.

So today, make a healthy choice, a “clean” choice, a better choice. Stop wasting TIME, and choose yourself, choose the future you want to live in, and work towards how you want it to look. It only takes 1 small change to our lifestyles to see the impact. So, when do you want to start? There is never a better time than now!

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