Jason Hyde

Keeping it reef-real


Corals, a fascinating animal, yes, animal.

Confused for plants by many, corals are actually small varieties of coral that form a “community” and live together and are considered animals. They form roughly 1% of the  ocean while providing a 25%, over four thousand species, a home. Species which are consumed by an average of 500 million people around the whole world.

Not only do they provide a home, they protect ours as well, protecting the coasts and the communities, from storms, surges, coastal erosion, floods and property damage. Although it can be so strong it can also be very weakened, especially by humans. 

There are many little ways and things we can change to be more conscious of the living beings around us, even if not visible, they are there, they can hurt. Little things such as changing the basics such as sunscreen, shampoos and conditioners to be reef friendly, stopping the use of single use plastic, any step is still a step. If they are visible, make sure to remember, they are animals, not plants, which are not to be stepped on or bothered  as they can easily hurt, badly. 

Helping can come in many ways, whether is to never litter and promote to others to be more conscious of their actions and how it affects those around, by donating to those who are working towards bettering and protecting the earth, and supporting brands with innovative ways as to do with the waste in our earth, such like creating sustainable jewelry from recycled plastic from the ocean,  sound Familiar?.

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