Jason Hyde

Global Recycling Day 2021

It’s almost National Recycling Day!!! (NOT)

But, it is GLOBAL recycling day. In our November post we mentioned that a Global awareness day wasn’t enough, so we have to designate a National day to remind people that recycling is important. And six months later we have good news and bad news for you.

So, naturally we’ll give you the bad news first. And the bad news is all the good work we did as a whole, sacrificing our livelihoods, mental health and putting others first is going down the drain in the last semester of the pandemic. We’re talking about thousands and thousands of surgical masks and gloves ending up in our oceans and landfills. Of course not everything is bad and there are some creative people out there making clothes and costumes and what not out of this waste, but it’s sad to say most of this waste is going into landfills and oceans. 

The good news is, ecology and caring for the environment is making it’s way through society and people have gotten better at zero waste (meaning we’re making better decisions when it comes to think about waste, hence leaning more towards zero waste) so recycling is becoming a thing of the past, and here’s why.

We’ve normalized recycling by putting bins and economic incentives for people to do it on a daily basis, yet the rules around how things are recycled are not that well followed so all the effort misses the point. For example you have to clean glass containers and remove the label for them to be eligible for recycling, and many people know this and still don’t do it. So let global recycling day serve as a reminder that every effort counts and we’re doing everything we can to keep the planet thriving for the generations to come. There’s no time to waste, if you haven’t, start recycling today.

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