Jason Hyde

Every grain counts

When you go to the beach, there’s abundant sand. If you were to attempt emptying the beach you would find yourself with what seems an endless task. But I like to think of the world from in the opposite point of view: every grain of sand makes a beach. If we think of our world in the same way, every person has an effect in the world and every lifestyle decision we make has an effect on our bodies, our health and in turn, our world.

The paragraph above describes why every week we touch on different subjects, we’ve strained so much as a society from what’s natural that we are now living in a polluted world with toxins all over the place. You’d think I’m exaggerating but toxins have been found in the blood of newborn babies and also breast milk. But worry not because we’re here, in part, to help you navigate this world and since every grain count there’s always a way to help and be a grain of change. If all the grains would change individually, we’d be left with, essentially, an entirely new beach.

Today, you can start by changing your search engine or at least exploring new ones. What do I have against Google? Absolutely nothing, after all, we all ask her more intimate questions than to our biggest confidants. Rest assured you can ask the same questions to environmentally friendly search engines, like Ecosia. Think of it as a tree planting Google. Like his biggest competitor, Ecosia makes money through the advertisements. But unlike Google, this new eco-wow search engine donates 80% of its profits to tree planting charities. Ok, you got me, this company has been around since 2009 but it’s growing fast with conscious decisions being planted in people’s minds by the day.

When people behind a company do things that seem fair like for example putting legally binding restrictions on the business (Ecosia’s shareholders and staff cannot personally sell shares or take profits outside of the company) they at least win my attention. And honestly, after trying out Ecosia for a few weeks, I can hardly sense the difference anymore and it pleases me to know that every search helps remove 1 kg of CO2 from the air!!

Try it out, go to ecosia.com. There is no time to waste.

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