Jason Hyde

Don’t get overwhelmed by the season

Are the upcoming holidays already overwhelming you? It isn’t surprising if they are. Having family over or going to family’s places can be too much already, and that’s without counting the present exchange, office parties, traveling to and from places, etc. Added to that, the last trimester of the year is storming with events; Halloween, thanksgiving, Hanukkah, ending with Christmas and the new years. I mean, c’mmon, I’m overwhelmed just from typing that.

Fret not, because we have some tips for you and after this post, things will be flowing so you can get your holidays going.

First things first, let’s set the record straight. You don’t owe anyone anything if it’s going to cost you your mental health. It’s the year of normalizing peace of mind and in that spirit your family should be the first people to understand what overwhelms you and how they can help you and in turn, themselves since at the end of the day we all pay it forward. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and also don’t forget to set boundaries. Maybe you need to get there late or leave early in turn to keep your own family pace in the correct frequency. Let people know and use be assertive, that way your requests are displayed as boundaries and not excuses.

In the spirit of all things sustainable try to keep in mind this is the season to give. Spring cleanings are not only for spring, go for a winter cleaning and donate whatever doesn’t serve you, but could someone else.

We seem to think gifts have to be new but there’s no shame and it can even be rewarding to give others (and yourself) some second hand clothes or accessories. Try your hand at some convenient apps like Poshmark and ThredUp for inspiration or visit your local thrift store, you’ll thank us later.

And lastly, gift wrapping and holiday decorations can be fun, crafty and sustainable with a little help of a Pinterest DIY search. Get ahead of that winter/spring cleaning and paper mache some old receipts and used papers that you were thinking about throwing away. It’s not only a great way to blow off some steam but also rewarding and checks all the boxes of what the holidays are supposed to be. What are you wanting for? Christmas is around the corner and getting ahead of the chaos will prevent the overwhelm from happening and prevent you from wasting time.

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