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Development, but make it sustainable

With everything going on in the world, we often ask ourselves, where are we going? Am I doing everything I can to guarantee my kids will have a healthy planet? What about my grandkids? Or even their kids? The truth is, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I mean, no one was expecting we would be here when March started that 6 months later, but we are! Everything in life can be seen as a learning opportunity. At Jason Hyde, during the last couple of months, we learned that family is the most important thing we have, and that ensuring the health of the people we care about is priceless. Part of this people are our employees, being a family owned business, we take the well-being of our staff very seriously, at the end of the day we wouldn’t be here without them.

You might be wondering why I decided to bring this up on this week’s blog… well, sustainability is something that can be applied to every aspect of our life and today we will be talking about sustainable development, and all it involves. There are 3 pillars for sustainable development: social, economic and environment.

Environmental: The environmental pillar often gets the most attention. This is because companies are focusing on reducing their carbon footprints (which is amazing!) packaging waste, water usage and their overall effect on the environment (#win). Companies have found that having a good impact on the planet often has a positive financial impact for them, by using less materials for the packaging they reduce its expense.

Social: This pillar often ties back into another “poorly” defined concept, which is the social license. A self-proclaimed sustainable business should count primarily with the support of its employees and the community it operates in. (stakeholders in this case if implied). This can be maintained by how fairly they treat their employees and the positive impact they have on the community; this can extend to global community.

Finally, the last pillar is the economic one: This pillar is where most businesses believe they made it, like if being sustainable meant being profitable. The thing is; that the profit should NEVER trump the social and environmental pillars. More so, being profitable at any cost doesn’t really come close of what the economic pillar is really about. Some proper activities in the economic aspect of sustainability could be: compliance, (which is very important, we like companies that can follow rules) proper governance (which ties back to happy employees) and risk assessment. So, the next time you’re choosing a company to apply for a job or partner with for a project, check first if its fits into the sustainability development plan we all should aspire to have and take it from there. We all know that there’s no TIME to waste when making the planet a better place!

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