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Being sustainable, inside and out

A few weeks ago, we posted about sustainable restaurants in our hometown, Miami. We had the opportunity of chatting with Patrick Lingle, General Manager at Planta (one the restaurants that was featured on that post) about how a sustainable restaurant works. Is it about the food? The experience? The ambient? How to balance flavor with “good for the planet” ingredients. Let me tell you… we’ve got answers!

First of all, being a sustainable restaurant doesn’t mean “healthy” food. Yes, it comes naturally since all of the ingredients are grown from their own garden, or locally sourced from organic vendors, but there is so much more. Let’s begin with how everything is vegan. You may now be wondering what does veganism has to do with sustainability? Well, it a great question! As Patrick tells us, a thousand gallons of water is wasted when meat is processed, so, imagine the impact that it has when only one person stops eating meat 1 day a week! Now multiply that for a whole week, an entire month or even a single year! So, yeah… every food choice from each person does count!

Crispy Rice

Patrick tells us that he did not know much about sustainability before starting at PLANTA. It has been a learning process, not only on food, but also for life. He talks about how aside from the body changes he has seen since committing to a vegan/sustainable life, the biggest change has been how he feels. Incorporating yoga as part of his lifestyle has given him clarity and peace to start his day with the right mindset and give his best in every scope of life.

Spicy Tuna Roll made with Watermelon

When asked about “ideal PLANTA costumer” Patrick shares that even when vegan people come to the restaurant and is amazing hearing the feedback of the high-end deliciousness David Lee (Planta’s star executive chef and co-founder) has to offer, he mostly enjoys non-vegan eaters. He enjoys how the customers realize how good and unbelievable tastes they can get from combining the freshest, ethically sourced ingredients, and how amazing it is that you can recreate known flavors like meats and sushi with plant based options. “By coming to eat here, you get blown away”.

Cauliflower Tots

South Beach location has big windows and lots of natural light. “This is what we go for when creating the vibe of the restaurant, with a roof garden that helps provide key ingredients for the star dishes on the menu.” The new restaurant at Palm Beach will have a similar layout since the idea of the restaurant is providing a high-end, quality dine experience to showcase the flavor of the earth. If you do not live in Miami you can visit PLANTA Toronto and soon New York.

Patrick is now part of the sustainable world, since starting to work there, he shares that his purpose is “to spread the word that veganism is not only better for you, but also better for the world” and everyone can do it! Start by one meal and then see how you feel.

When food on the table, there is no TIME to waste, so get moving and make a reservation for an outdoor dining experience at PLANTA today!

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