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7 Colors 7 Meanings

Have you ever wondered what the colors of the jewelry you wear mean? We don’t! At Jason Hyde, we actually chose the colors for our – inspired on gemstones -, RPO chips of our jewelry. The cool thing though, is that we are about to share all the knowledge we have with you, so the next piece you get can be the color of what you wish to bring more of into your life.

  •  Turquoise: this “bluish-green” stone, originally came from Iran and can be found in Europe or in the southwest of the US. It’s very popular among Indian jewelry and because it was one of the first mined stones, its use is linked to luck, protection and friendship. This is why our “all turquoise” pieces are always one of our best sellers. I mean, who’d want to turn down some luck in their life, right?
  •  Malachite: deep green color, commonly found in Russian mountains, but most of these stones today come from the Congo. Scarcer this year, than ever before; this exotic Malachite is a great stone to connect to Mother Earth. Used for meditation and linked to acts of assistance and service to others, is the color of hope. And as they say: Hope is the last thing you lose, so you can rest assured you’ll never misplace these items!
  •  Mother of Pearl: (or erm… just Pearl), they come from oysters. This color represents pureness and virtuousness which is why brides often wear them sown into their gowns and it’s this month’s (in case you didn’t know is now June, and yes, we are already in the middle of 2020) birthstone. Also, whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day, never saw a pearl before.
  •  Coral: normally orange, but a little reddish sometimes, it was once believed to be a plant. (Yes, we were also confused by this). The most energy linked color. Combats fear and depression and attracts wealth and strength. The symbol of happiness, which is why all of our clients that get it leave with a smile.
  •  Lapiz Lazuli: deep celeste blue color. The heart of the ocean, (if you watched Titanic then you know what we mean! Also, Leo DiCaprio huge environmentalist and hottie) this is the most sought-after stone since, like, ever! Symbol of royalty, wealth and honor, associated with gods and basically, everything that’s right in life. What we’re saying is: are you getting one or do we have to do it for you?
  •  Ruby: bright red and shiny, resemblance to sapphire. The stone of love and passion. Greatest help to prevent any psychic attack (we never know what’s out there), aaaand if you’re an Aquarius there’s compelling evidence you should not be wearing the actual stone, so, will all Aquarius out there please stand up? Our beautiful RPO jewelry is waiting for you!
  •  Onyx: usually black but also dyed to get this jet-black color that everyone likes. Linked to self-control, intelligence and healing every heartache, which are great reasons to wear it, also, black has always been the new black. So, do we need to say more? Didn’t think so.

We hope that this helped with making the tough decision of choosing which color to get, if you still have any doubts, just do what we did, and get them ALL! Remember: theres is no TIME to waste to get your charm on and wear your colors this summer!


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